What We do

Since the health issues affecting people and communities globally are board and are multisectoral in natures, PHC Global has a diverse scope of work covering the entire continuum of care.



Design, conduct and analyze socio-behavioral & epidemiological studies (randomized control trials, disease surveillance, economic studies etc.)



Design, implement and evaluate service delivery platforms to improve efficiency in delivery of maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health and nutrition services

Rigorous situation analysis of the roadblocks and bottlenecks

Identification and incubation / development of low-cost solutions

Effectiveness evaluation of health interventions

Population impact through advocacy for health intervention scale up

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Dissemination ceremony IFA

Our recent study data from Badin shows “52% of pregnant females initiated Iron Folic Acid and 60% showed compliance to recommended in take”... PHC Global hosted the dissemination ceremony for the "Evaluation of compliance to Iron-Folic Acid (IFA) Supplementation among pregnant women and Micronutrient Powders (MNP) Supplementation among children 6 To 59 months of age" - at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Karachi on Read more

February 14, 2020


COMMUNITY SENSITIZATION via engaging the popular stakeholders to come to a single platform for the betterment of the area....
GENERATE OWNESS of facilities available in the local areas either that would be an educational, health or any other institutional facility.
AWARENESS of how easily things can be restored with minimal cost. All that is required is the intension.
PROMOTE DIY to promote the concept of DO IT YOURSELF instead of waiting for the local authorithies to take corrective measures.
Read more

Dec 09, 2019

Art Therapy Session

Art is an eternal & universal process that enables us to explore ourselves. PHC Global organized an art session at its Head Office on... December 20, 2019 as an initiative focusing on youth & the ones young at heart. The objective of the session was to explore of our creative sides and how we are all connected to each other in this realm of the art universe. The session was attended by 25 (including employees & external) participants of all genders and age. Read more

Dec 20, 2019
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Dr. M. Imran Khan

Executive Director


Dr. Noshad Ali

Director Program Implementation


Dr. Ali Turab

Director Design and Planning


Dr. Noor Sabah


Dr. Imran Khan is the overall lead for PHC Global. As public health specialist, he has held leadership and management positions in the past 16 years of his career to design, develop, and implement intervention programs that shaped the public health policy in developing countries of Asia and Africa. He has managed grants that were developed in consultation with the local partners, such as governmental and non-governmental organizations, and other international institutions. The aim of these programs were to address health system delivery challenges by synthesis of evidence based cost effective interventions in improving health and survival. He has ensured that the programs have in built mechanisms such as robust data collection and management, technology based monitoring, and dashboards for access by the program managers for timely, and informed decision making. He ensured excellence in ongoing projects through rigorous program evaluation, and consistent quality assurance procedures to deliver quality care through community health programs in Pakistan and globally.

Dr. Noshad Ali holds Master Public Health from Northumbria University Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. He has more than 18 years experience in implementing community-based projects, development of research instruments including curricula, monitoring and evaluation of program,training, program assessment, maternal & neonatal survival, clinical trials,randomized controlled trials,case control studies, qualitative studies, nutrition survey, proposal writing and writing reports & manuscripts. He has worked for more than 15 years at Aga Khan University first in the department of pediatrics and child health and then as Manager Research in Center of Excellence, the Aga Khan University. He is a National Master trainer of IMNCI (WHO) and Helping Babies Breath and Helping Babies Survive (American Association of Pediatrics). Dr Noshad has many publications in international peer review journals. Currently, he leads the implementation portfolio at PHC Global

Dr. Ali Turab supports Imran on the technical side for program/research designs and planning. In addition, Ali provides strategic direction, vision, and leadership to the program and diversify the funding portfolio by identifying grant opportunities. Ali is a public health scientist with a background in medicine. He received his medical degree from Pakistan and Master of Public Health with a focus on Global Health from the University of Sheffield in the UK. Ali has more than eight years of experience in research (design and implementation) and advocacy for improving newborn survival and nutrition, and reducing childhood infectious diseases. He has led multiple Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition projects in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Eritrea, and Kenya. He has contributed to 45 plus papers in international peer-reviewed journals including ‘The Lancet’ and ‘BMJ.’ In the past he has led the MCH team at IRD and has worked as Research Faculty in the Department of Pediatrics at the Aga Khan University, Karachi.

Dr. Noor Sabah conducts research to improve maternal and child health in Pakistan and has worked extensively for health systems strengthening and governance. Her approach to systems improvements is through developing structures and processes to improve the supply of quality public services and introduce innovations to create demand for health services among communities. In November 2012 Dr. Noor Sabah received a Grand Challenges Exploration (GCE) award from the Gates Foundation for her innovative idea to develop a Vaccine Indicator and Reminder (VIR) band, which reminds parents when it is time to vaccinate their children. The VIR band has been tested for community acceptance and improving vaccination compliance among children in Pakistan and Nigeria. International development organizations and researchers have praised VIR band globally. Dr. Noor Sabah Rakhshani has a Doctorate in Public Health (DrPH) in “Healthcare Management and Leadership” from Johns Hopkins University. She is from District Nushki, Balochistan and currently is working as Director PHC Global .