1. Support Implementation of project on promotion of Zinc Supplements and Lo ORS in the treatment of childhood diarrhea, in Punjab & Sindh.
    • Objective/Scope - The focus of the project was on trainings of facility based health care providers including district paediatricians, medical officers from department of health Sindh , lady health supervisors and lady health workers (from Sindh lady health worker program for family planning and primary health care) on case management of diarrhoea & pneumonia according to IMNCI (WHO) and GAPPD.
    • Location - Sindh, Pakistan
    • Timeline - March 2018 - March 2019
    • Donor - Nutrition international
  2. Master Trainer Workshop On Use Of Zinc And Lo Ors For The Treatment And Management Of Diarrhoea.
    • Objective/Scope - Train district master trainers on the updated guidelines for management of diarrhea to prepare them to conduct trickle down trainings at the district level.
    • Location - Punjab, Pakistan.
    • Timeline - September 2017 – December 2017
    • Donor - Nutrition International
  3. Development of Provincial Infant and Young Feeding Practices Strategy for Sindh.
    • Objective/Scope - Construction of a framework to help all the Health Care Providers dealing working at primary healthcare level to promote exclusive breastfeeding and initiation of complementary feeding.
    • Location - Sindh, Pakistan
    • Timeline - December 2017 - April 2018
    • Donor - Nutrition Support Program
  4. Women and Children/Infant Improved Nutrition in Sindh, (WINS) 2013-2016 Evaluation.
    • Objective/Scope - Development of nutrition related evaluation tools, In-­‐depth interviews with key stakeholders related to nutrition programs in the province of Sindh for program impact evaluation. Triangulation and analysis of primary nutrition data collected from household survey, anthropometric survey and qualitative data. Writing and review of final report to be submitted to contracting agencies Save the Children and Action Against Hunger.
    • Location - Sindh, Pakistan
    • Timeline - February 2017 - August 2017
    • Donor - Action Against Hunger
  5. Developing Nutrition messages for Public Schools textbooks and policy recommendations for nutrition education in Balochistan, Pakistan
    • Objective/Scope - Design and conduct of qualitative research, development of nutrition messages for inclusion in textbooks , policy development for the Government of Balochistan and UNICEF regarding nutrition education in Balochistan Public School System.
    • Location - Balochistan, Pakistan
    • Timeline - April 2016 - August 2016
    • Donor - Government of Balochistan and UNICEF Pakistan
  6. Client Exit Interviews III, National Survey
    • Objective/Scope - Designed and conducted client exit interviews in 9 districts of Pakistan collecting patient satisfaction information from 800 clients attending Green Star Social Marketing Provider clinics. The questionnaire was revised and Adroid App was developed for data collection. Precision staff was involved in sample selection, hiring and training of data collectors, field monitoring and data quality checks. The final data set and learning report was submitted to the commissioning organization.
    • Location - 9 districts of Pakistan
    • Timeline - December 2015 - February 2016
    • Donor - Green Star Social Marketing Limited, Pakistan
  7. Vaccine Indicator and Reminder (VIR) band innovation; providing vaccine reminders band to newborns through community health workers to improve vaccination initiation and completion in Pakistan and Nigeria
    • Objective/Scope - Designing research proposal, undertaking of all the logistic and scientific activities of the formative evaluation research, data management monitoring and evaluation, data analysis, and report writing.
    • Location - Pakistan and Nigeria
    • Timeline - November 2015 - December 2017
    • Donor - International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3IE)
  8. Pilot testing a community led social accountability model to increase uptake and improve access and quality of maternal and neonatal health care services in Balochistan
    • Objective/Scope - Designed and implemented a social accountability model in Balochistan. Responsible for the design, implemented, analyzed data report writing and policy advocacy for the intervention project.
    • Location - Balochistan, Pakistan
    • Timeline - May 2014 - August 2014
    • Donor - Research and Advocacy Fund Pakistan
  9. Time dependent color changing vaccine reminder ankle bands
    • Objective/Scope - Design of an innovation in health, proof of concept, community acceptance study and community effectiveness study of the vaccine indicator and reminder band.
    • Location - Global
    • Timeline - November 2012 - June 2015
    • Donor - Grand Challenges Exploration, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  10. Strengthening Governance in Health Systems for Reproductive Health and Rights (RHR) in Pakistan: An Intervention Case Study
    • Objective/Scope - Development and field tested context specific Health Systems Governance and Accountability tools for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights to be used for the capacity building of relevant duty bearers to assess health systems governance and implement the tools at district level for better results.
    • Location - Pakistan
    • Timeline - April 2014 - June 2015
    • Donor - Shirkat Gah
  11. Empowering Clients and Sensitizing Providers to Increase Uptake of maternal and Neonatal Health Care Services: Design of a Social Accountability Model for Implementation in Balochistan, Pakistan
    • Objective/Scope - Household survey and qualitative data collection, engagement and advocacy with policy, designed and implemented and final report writing.
    • Location - Pakistan
    • Timeline - June 2012 - August 2013
    • Donor - Research and Advocacy Fund Pakistan


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