Attempts to the Mediterranean Hospital for 'Strengthening Patterns in Patient Safety.'

In the inauguration ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister, Health and Population Minister Upendra Yadav expressed confidence that the conference will be fruitful due to the need of the need of the need of the disease today. He congratulated the Conference on providing accessibility to the development of 'Strong Pattern of Emergency Safety'. Conservation of past patients has become a worldwide subject. According to the World Health Organization, one of the ten patients who have been hospitalized every day has negative impact, which is also complicated from complex to death.

Most of the cases have been found to be infection, wrong operation, direct drug abuse, increase in quantity of medicine and injury to the hospital. The hospital will get the chance to know about direct and indirect activities affecting the health of the patients. This conference has preserved the safety of the patients about the safety of the patients or making consultations, suggestions and responses to its major development and making the hospital completely safe. In this conference, the enthusiastic participation of health workers has been verbal representation, post-presentation, note-note and panel disks through national and international experts. Representatives of the health sector from the World Health Organization, the United States, the UK, the Germans, the Gulf countries, India and the various places have participated in this conference.

As a social responsibility Nepal Nepalese Hospital has organized a conference in collaboration with Ministry of Health and Population and Group of Technical Assistants. The conference started today will be operational till tomorrow.


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