The Centre for Arts and Wellbeing works on the application of arts-based methodologies in initiatives that benefit the wellbeing of individuals, communities, organizations and the environment. We believe, that a collective effort tis needed for a change within and outside, and art based methodologies can give an insight to the power we have to bring love, peace and happiness.

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The Center for Arts and Well-being considers every intervention it conducts as operational research towards deepning and developing its own capacities and... innovations. It conducts original research projects to explore and evaluate the use of arts-based methodologies in various sectors. It collects and collates literature of relevant themes towards the development of resources that may be used. Read more

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Engaging with the arts can be beneficial for both mental and physical health,"the World Health Organization(WHO). In fact, and arguably just as important, social and spiritual health as well.Arts activities can beconsidered as complex or multimodal ...intervensions in that they combine multiple different components that are all known to be health promoting.These include aesthetic engagement, involvement of imagination, sensory activation, evocation of emotion and cognitive stimulation.An art activity may also involve social interaction and physical activity and that has direct consequences in health-care settings. Read more

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Research in arts-based education indicates that it promotes crative thinking and problem solving skills, as well as fosters innovative leadership... competencies(Brenner, 2010). Arts-based learning has the capacity to engage learners personally, emotionally, and even spiritually. Additionally, art-based learning can help students develop confidence and self-esteem, and build effective communication and interpersonal skills Read more

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Culture does not only mean experiences and activities, but is also habits, apprehensions of morality, values, in short, the "sphere of life"... and the meanings we share with others as members of a social community and that express what is meaningfull. Thus a society's political culture, or its cultural conceptions of normality and illness, influence the well-being of people. Moreover, one may in an artistic project critically challenge society's view of what is healthy and what is not. Read more

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